Reviews for Readers

My reviews are written for other readers.

I have no problem fangirling when a book amazes me.  Yeah!  Share the love.

But I also have no problem telling you when a book has more holes in it than my son’s gym socks.

Like I said, my reviews are written for other readers.

I read for enjoyment.  I write reviews because I feel I have something worth sharing with other readers but I do not expect all readers to agree with me and that’s okay!  Opinions make the world go ’round, and all that jazz.

I write reviews that I would want to read.  That means they are honest and usually more than a bit naughty.  Always assume my stuff is NSFW.

My thoughts on DNFing a book:
I have no problem whatsoever DNFing a book I am not enjoying. Life is short; my TBR shelf is not.

Usually, I will not rate a book I DNF, however if I do leave a star rating I probably have a pretty good reason for doing so and will endeavor to explain my reasons in my review.