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I have left so many comments elsewhere about this book, I’m just copy/pasting them all here so I can spend more time re-reading and re-listening to this book!

So here is my “reading” progress.  Actually, I listened to this so change to “listening” progress.
September 3-8, 2016

Listening PROGRESS

September 3, 2016 – Currently Reading
September 4, 2016 –

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 0.0% “I NEVER listen to an audiobook unless I have also read the book. The few times I tried it were awful- I had a hard time keeping track of who was speaking & what was going on. But I had a credit on Audible to use & decided I’d take a chance on an unread book. BEST DECISION EVER! Michael Lesley is amazing. AMAZING! I’m a few hours in, have about 17 hours left to go, and I am in love. IN LOVE. Yes, ALL CAPS!”

September 5, 2016 –

page 0

 0.0% “Funniest. Unicorn. Ever.”

September 6, 2016 –

page 0

 0.0% “”Gay. Fairy. Married.” OMG”

September 6, 2016 –

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 0.0% “I listen to audiobooks when I’m doing shit jobs like cleaning, laundry, cooking. I love this narrator. I haven’t been this productive around the house in, well, EVER! I dusted the top shelf in my closet at 10pm just to keep listening to adorable Ryan in the whorehouse.”

September 8, 2016 – Finished Reading

November 10, 2016
My comment after recommending to one of my Goodreads friends:

You really, really must try this! I swear, I should get kick-backs for all the people I’m gushing to about this audiobook!

My comment on another reader’s review:

It is my absolute favorite audiobook. Michael Lesley doesn’t just narrate; he puts on a performance. I have probably listened to it four times already since I bought it. It’s perfect to listen to when I’m doing stuff around the house or even shopping. I don’t even care about the strange looks I get from people at WalMart when I laugh out loud, my earbud hidden under my hair! Just wait, I’ll end up on that “People of WalMart” YouTube video, all because of this book!

November 12, 2016
More of me gushing in other readers’ reviews:

I posted this on someone else’s status update recently but it is worth repeating: This book is my favorite book for 2016. I’m probably driving people nuts every time I pop up on their feed, gushing about this book & audiobook but I don’t even care. I really need to get my review finished…

Every time I try to envision Gary I come up with Donkey when he says, “I’m a stallion baby!” but with more glitter.

December 23, 2016

More of me dropping comments in other readers reviews:

I have to put in my two cents: the audiobook for this is amazing. Michael Lesley is the narrator and I swear I fangirl every time I recommend this audiobook to people, but the man is gifted. I haven’t listened to anything else he’s done but his performance here was spot on for what my imagination had in mind. It’s usually what I have playing in my ear while shopping. You’d think the fifth time around I wouldn’t find myself giggling in the store (again) while a kinky bard sings about “cheesy dicks and candle sticks” and extols the joys of “eleven-ways” and being “sticky” but yup, that was me trying to choke back my laugh while looking for stocking stuffers at Target yesterday. 19+ hours of fun.