This Addicted Reader is really Angela, and here’s what I think about reading:

What I read:
M/M is my current obsession, with a healthy (unhealthy?) serving of Teen Wolf fanfiction. You’ll find a ton of that here. Sterek and Steter and Stetopher, oh my!

What I need:
I have pretty reasonable requests when it comes to reading romance.

For starters, is it too much to ask for a HEA? Hell, I’ll settle for a HFN.

Part of what I love about a romance novel is the lead up to the couple becoming a couple. The slow burn, the sexual tension, I love it! Throw in a compelling story with a double dose of hot guys–yeah, that’s my own kind of catnip.

What I loathe:
NO love triangles. I will only skim through reviews looking for spoilers to tell me who didn’t make the cut. And then I still will not read the book.

Cliffhangers? Um, no.

Cheating? Ah, did I mention I like romance novels? How exactly does cheating fit into a romance novel?

Where to find me:

Mostly on Goodreads
Sporadically on Twitter
Blindly but determinedly navigating the crazy that is Tumblr


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