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Review: Little Wild Animal

Little Wild Animal Little Wild Animal by DiscontentedWinter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ETA: March 13, 2017:
Reading this, again. I think this must be my favorite comfort read; it’s almost embarrassing how many times I could add a ‘Date Read’ to this fic. My enjoyment of this fic is immense, but it’s not the gushing fangirl kind of enjoyment. It’s more subtle than my usual enthusiastic proclamation to ‘Just go read this!’ (though you really should go read this). No squeeing with this fic, just an incredible amount of emotions. Amusement at the kit’s initial interactions with people like Alex, who is certain the kit wants to murder him; with Deaton, who the kit probably does want to murder with each of the vet’s visits; and those poor chickens, who the kit torments with glee. There is amazement as ‘Stiles’ becomes less and less the little wild animal Derek found and more and more a real human being. A combination of anxiety and near-hopelessness as it becomes more and more likely Stiles will have his heart broken no matter what the outcome of their endeavors. And finally, happiness in an unexpected and clever conclusion that leaves me – every time – with the unique bone-deep feeling of satisfaction that only comes at the end of a remarkable story.

And I get all that for free, with one click on AO3, sent to my iPad. I get a story I come back to (often) when I feel the need to smile. I can click the ‘kudos’ button and leave a comment on AO3; I can leave a review on Goodreads sharing what it means to me that a stanger a world away from me chose to share something beautiful just because she wanted to.

And I guess if all that isn’t enough to show my gratitude I can suck it up and feel one more emotion regarding this fic: acute embarrassment every time I type in a current date in the ‘Date Read’ column.

Do you think Goodreads has a limit for that?

Original Review, January 20, 2016:
This was just…yeah, beautiful. Two nights ago I bawled my way through There Are No Wolves in California and tonight I am once more amazed by this writer (though, thankfully, this time around I’m not dripping snotty tears all over the place). I really should go to bed but I just know I’ll be searching for my next DW fix instead. Or maybe an LH fix, who knows, who cares, they are both amazing.

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