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Review: Red Dirt Heart

Red Dirt Heart Red Dirt Heart by N.R. Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I was little I was addicted to a cheesy sitcom set in an all girls’ school called The Facts of Life. One season had the girls visiting Australia. “The Facts of Life Down Under” I think they called it. Because of that show I spent years believing the myth that in the Southern Hemisphere, water in a toilet swirls in the opposite direction as water in the Northern Hemisphere (I was like, seven, so cut me some slack). But it was also the first time I decided I absolutely had to visit Australia.

Now, more years than I care to admit later, after finishing the Red Dirt Heart series, I think I need to revise my desire to add “Trip to Australia” to my bucket list, or at least a trip to that particular landscape. I don’t think The Facts of Life Down Under covered all the deadly little critters American agronomy student Travis Craig encountered in the series. I can’t even handle my native Wisconsin mosquitos, so I think a land filled with even scarier, deadlier critters just might do me in.

Of course, if I had someone like Charlie Sutton at my side like Travis did, I could maybe make an exception.

The romance was sexy and sweet and hot. But I think what impressed me the most were the details of life on the station. I know absolutely nothing about this topic, so I could be wrong, but the amount of detail was wonderful; not too much, just enough to keep my interest and with just enough technical jargon to seem realistic. Again, the writer could have been making it all up and I’d never know.

What I also liked was how Charlie came out. I get a little twitchy when I read coming out horror stories so I avoid those and tend to stick to the lower angst stories. I’m not saying there were no challenges for Charlie, because that would be completely untrue, but I loved how once Charlie started moving forward he kept going.

I highly recommend all four books in this series, Red Dirt Heart 2, Red Dirt Heart 3, and Red Dirt Heart 4. Not very original names for sequels, but the stories are so good the titles don’t matter.

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